We advise on all aspects of banking practice in Northern Ireland both for individuals and for companies.

We will advise upon and negotiate facility letters with your Bank on your behalf. Your facility letter sets out the terms and conditions upon which facilities are made available to you and how they are to be secured.

We recommend a clear focus be given to the close scrutiny of your facility letter for maximum effectiveness. We will then advise in relation to putting security in place pursuant to the facility letter and in the provision of supporting minutes and resolutions for corporate borrowers.

We also act for borrowers whose loans have been sold by Ulster Bank to Cerberus.

We have experience of negotiation of settlement terms with Cerberus for both secured and unsecured loans and release of the security back to you on final settlement.

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We at Hool Law have advised, acted for and represented employers, employees, partners, directors, limited companies and LLPs for over 25 years and pride ourselves in providing relevant, accurate and pragmatic guidance and legal advice across the range of Employment and Discrimination law in Northern Ireland.


  • To be successful we recognise that employers must actively manage their business and there is no more important part within any business than its people. This includes making the right decisions at the right times based on accessible, accurate and pragmatic advice.
  • We will support you in that decision making process and will also gladly assist you in establishing a robust and effective environment to enable you to get on with what you are good at – your business. This, in our experience, will routinely include advising and preparing documentation including terms and conditions of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures and other internal policies including:- Sickness and absence; internet use; social media use and whistle blowing.
  • Much of our advice, efforts and work are behind the scenes, helping you to defend decisions and challenges and keeping you out of Courts and Tribunals.
  • We can help you with the recruitment and selection process and similarly with any rationalisation issues arising.

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  • We pride ourselves as a reliable source of practical assistance and advice to employees on employment related issues as they arise.
  • We are aware that the employer/employee interface is a relationship, like all relationships, you will experience ups and downs from time to time.
  • We offer expert advice and hands on approach to help you through any troubles or issues you may be experiencing in the work place from harassment, discrimination and bullying to any deduction from your salary or failure to obtain a promotion.

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Inward Investment

Planning to invest in Northern Ireland? Then we can assist.

Specifically we will liaise with our inward investment business development agency – Invest Northern Ireland – to enable you to implement your plans and help achieve your key objectives.

Our team will assist you in company formation, commercial contracts, banking, property, intellectual property law, employment law, individual arrangements for your key staff.

Please call Jonathan Hool on +44 (0)28 90 328424

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Liquor Licensing

We advise clients on the legalities of selling liquor by retail and act for Publicans, Club Owners, Restauranteurs, Hoteliers and owners of Off-Licenses

The Northern Ireland licensing laws and regime are notoriously complex.

Let us help you navigate your way through.

We are acutely aware that a liquor licence is a very valuable asset to any business and has been proven to increase profit margins.

You must look after your liquor licence and ensure you stay within the legislation.

We will gladly assist you if you wish to embark on a new business venture involving the sale of liquor.

Did you know:

  • Your liquor licence needs to be renewed every 5 years; let us look after this for you.
  • The court must approve any proposed alteration or increase in size to any licensed premises – any unauthorised change or alteration could invalidate your licence – let us deal with this for you.
  • A restaurant licence only permits you to sell alcohol in designated areas and only where the sale of alcohol is ancillary to a main table meal – again we can advise you in relation to these matters and ensure you achieve the optimum outcome.
  • You must apply to the court for approval of any late licence or additional hours you may wish to sell alcohol – we can deal with this for you also.

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