Family & Matrimonial

Matrimonial & Family

At Hool Law we are aware of the difficulties that can be brought by relationship breakdown for all parties involved and affected.  We provide an experienced, thorough and personable approach to our Client’s in all cases.

We will assist you in relation to:


Our aim is to approach each individual case in a manner that enables our clients to find the most time and cost effective, yet least acrimonious, course of action in relation to divorce and financial provision.

Children’s Matters

There are a number of ways that Children’s Matters can be brought through the Courts however we aim to resolve any issues swiftly and amicably. There are of course times when this is not possible and in such circumstances our team of solicitors will be happy to advise on the applications that can be made to the Court.

Pre-nuptial/Cohabitation Agreements

It would be prudent to seek advice on your rights as a spouse or cohabitee and what may happen if your relationship dissolves. Protecting your assets, for example property you own in your sole name, can avoid unnecessary animosity and costs upon the dissolution of a marriage.


We can assist you in the mediation process by providing you with advice and assisting with any financial agreement that may be made on foot of mediation and presenting it to the Court for approval.

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